About Our Business & Home Water Testing in Vermilion County, IL

Serving East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana since 1965, Aquality Solutions is a local family owned water solutions company that doesn’t back down from the challenges that come with improving the water quality of our clients. With a focus on customer satisfaction, our team of experts is dedicated to consistently providing your home or business with the impressive water treatment services required to give you fresh, clean, and clear water. Contact us to learn more about our home water testing in Vermilion County, IL.

Whether you are looking for a brand new water treatment system to clean your water, a bottled water delivery service to ensure you are always stocked with fresh water, or a drinking water system that lets you hydrate without contaminants, our water solutions company has exactly what you need and at a fair price. We can even offer a top-quality hard water softener. Helping you find the right solutions to your water problems is what has kept us in business for the past three decades and what will keep us in business for many more decades to come.